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Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - September 2009 Articles about preventing dementia are numerous. The most recent one I read was in the Montreal Gazette on August 28, under the headline “Moderate drinking in elderly can ward off dementia: study.” Whether it is drinking pomegranate juice, doing crossword puzzles, or exercising regularly, studies suggest many ways we can ward off Alzheimer’s (AD). As with many diseases, prevention involves exercising body and mind, proper diet, and avoiding excessive alcohol and coffee.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - July 2009 Music is a unique language, a special form of communication. We appreciate music even when we don’t understand it. Music is a language of the heart; it reaches us in an extraordinary way, unlike other forms of communication.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - May 2009 I remember when I was in my early 40s reading an article about turning 50. This was described as a time of freedom: Children are established and have moved out of the home, responsibilities are fewer and financial security has been reached. I have since hit the big five-oh, and none of the above apply to me.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - April 2009 The first thing I do when I bump in to a family I have worked with is to greet the Alzheimer individual with a handshake, a direct look into their eyes, and introduce myself with “Hi John, I’m Bonnie.” It doesn’t matter if I have met this person many times before, or if our last meeting was hours earlier.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - March 2009 A common behaviour of individuals with Alzheimer’s is to hide or hoard items. Sometimes there is a history of collecting beautiful or valuable objects, like my Swarovski crystals and mini teapot collections.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - February 2009 We read so much about the isolation and loneliness of the caregiver. Friends tend to disappear, social activities are dropped and the world of the caregiver shrinks. Professionals encourage caregivers to join support groups, a safe place to share difficult experiences. Programs exist to provide respite relief to allow the caregiver to have time outside the small world of their home.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - December 2008 The holidays are quickly approaching and reminders are everywhere. Christmas carols can be heard on the radio, and there are lights and decorations every which way you turn. Gift buying suggestions overflow our mailboxes.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - November 2008 The decision to move into a residence, either for you or a loved one, is emotionally exhausting. There is relief after your choice has been made, but still more remains to be done – the signing of the lease.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - October 2008 In my assessments of families dealing with Alzheimer’s, I will ask whether there is a mandate. Some families are not clear on what a mandate is and often confuse “mandate” with “power of attorney.” I explain to the...