Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - September 2008 Alzheimer's Disease is a long journey taking a family through many stages as the disease progresses. Each stage brings different reactions and emotions.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - August 2008 It’s not a coincidence that requests for my social work services decrease in the summer months and increase dramatically come fall. As we all know, life in Montreal includes remarkable seasonal changes.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - July 2008 All too often when I ask families about their loved one’s driving abilities after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, I’m told there’s no serious concern. After further questioning it’s not unusual to learn the individual is “only” driving close to home (where accidents never happen?) – or only lost their way a couple of times, or scratched the car in the garage. Yet when I ask whether they would allow their children to be in the car, the answer is a firm no.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - June 2008 Caregivers tell me about shared laughter and special moments with the person they’re caring for. But most articles emphasize the stress related to caregiving. What about the tears of laughter and warm loving times?

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - May 2008 Let’s talk about it In my assessments of individuals with cognitive impairment, I have noticed that many include a history of lifelong struggles with excessive worrying, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and/or depression. This alone is something to worry about. Children of affected parents are concerned about their own future as it is, and now we have more to worry about as we try not to worry, knowing that excessive worrying could be a factor in this disease.

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - April 2008 Language for children should not be used for adults, regardless of any cognitive deficiency. Adults with care needs should be treated with dignity at all times. This includes the use of proper language:

Bonnie Sandler, S.W., The Senior Times - March 2008 A move into a care facility can be eased with proper room preparation. Most care facilities will offer you the choice of having a furnished room or of bringing in your own furniture. I suggest personalizing the room. This includes bringing in familiar furnishings such as a favorite easy chair, bedding and decor.