Quebec’s eldercare challenge: Families unprepared to navigate the system

Karen Seidman – Montreal Gazette

It might begin with a broken hip. Or a senior who has frequented the same grocery store 1,000 times suddenly getting lost on the way home. Perhaps a parent is simply too frail to climb the stairs at home anymore.

Whatever the trigger is, a family abruptly discovers that a loved one can no longer live independently and it is time to seek out some sort of assisted living.

Suddenly this family is on a quest to find the best residence for their ailing parent, navigating an unfamiliar system and faced with issues they might never have contemplated. As our population ages, it’s one of the many challenges of eldercare.

“They are shopping for something they know nothing about,” says Bonnie Sandler, a social worker and real estate agent who helps such families, offering guidance and support before recommending appropriate residences. “I can’t tell you how many times the senior is mismatched with the residence. It doesn’t mean anything if your friend’s mother liked a place — it has to be right for you.”

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