Better Living


The first priority is to thoroughly understand the personal care requirements and preferences of the clients and their families in order to make appropriate recommendations. An initial in-home (or hospital) evaluation assesses the senior’s physical condition, cognitive/emotional state, ability to care for their own needs, special circumstances, familial support, socialization desires and capacities, financial means and environmental situation. This includes consultations with other professionals and the senior’s loved ones.

Formulation of a care plan

Upon completion of the evaluation, Bonnie consults with the Client and/or the Client’s representative and loved ones concerning their personal assessment of the Client’s requirements as to supervision and provision of services. A personalized care plan is formulated to best enhance the overall level of functioning; to maximize autonomy and independence; and to provide the most appropriate, least restrictive living situation.

Relocation and Referral

  • Residences
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Respite Care & Convalescence

Should relocation become necessary, Bonnie Sandler will recommend and refer to appropriate alternatives, i.e. assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, from a choice of seniors’ establishments which will best meet the needs of the individual. All homes and establishments represented are monitored and provide professional, quality care and supervision in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. Bonnie will also assist with referrals to appropriate agencies and professionals to aid in the actual move.