Bonnie Sandler, The Senior Times – April 18 BY: BONNIE SANDLER BS.W Spring has arrived. Along with green leaves and colourful blooms is the desire to spend more time outside. Montreal’s winter was harsh and many of us spent too much time indoors. Many people fear their last...

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – May 2012 When we think of “mother,” we think of someone who loves her children unconditionally, placing their needs above her own. Alzheimer’s disease complicates the parent-child role, as the parent loses her abilities and needs assistance in her daily life. As the disease progresses, the mother is no longer able to assume her role.

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – April 2012 I am unable to keep track of the number of phone calls I receive each week from people who either try to sell me something, ask me to participate in a survey that will only take three minutes (yeah right), or are soliciting money for a charity.

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – February 2012 Some newer residences have fitness rooms with exercise machines. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a resident in any of these rooms. The idea is great, but many residents have not seen the inside of a gym for years. They might not know how to operate an elliptical trainer.

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – November 2011 If you have been shopping for a senior’s residence, you probably know that many residences are not full to capacity. Some have waiting lists, but this is not the norm. What makes some residences successful while others struggle to reach capacity?

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – October 2011 Who better to write about turning 25 than my favourite (and only) niece, who just celebrated her 25th birthday? Readers, meet my niece Loren: Having just turned 25 a few weeks ago, my aunt, who is a columnist for The Senior Times, thought it might be interesting for me to write an article for the newspaper’s 25th anniversary. I thought she was joking; I didn’t think I had any perspective on senior life. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how strong my connections are and how so many others my age probably feel the same way.

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – September 2011 For many of us, Monday to Friday represents our workweek. We look forward to the weekends for relaxing, family time, running errands or perhaps religious activities. Our weeks are fairly well defined with routine.

Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – July 2011 It seems that the topic of choice in the senior world these days is the closing of residences. It’s summer, the sun is shining (mostly) and it’s time to think positive thoughts.